Business & Society together

We are developing a

     new sustainable economic growth model

        to grow Business & Society together:

           The Networked Business

We support the Networked Business economy

Society finances new businesses...

We look at what the world needs and
we process to invent, run and grow new businesses
as a network of partners
where each partner brings a part of the solution.

We find the companies we want to work with: startups, large enterprises.

We finance collaborations between startups and large enterprises

by bringing funds at no cost (no warranty, no interest, no equity).

We bring methodologies , technologies, resources with General Internet Company.

When collaborations generate contracts and gain, the foundation get money back and can finance society
At the end, everybody wins big and discovers the networked business economy and a new business model for the world.

Then Businesses finance Society

From the gain of business projects, our social funds grow.
We receive donations from Large Enterprises, SME & Startups we helped.

We don't decide what great causes we finance
Large Enterprises, SME & Startups, which gave back, do.

We propose a new business model for the world.